Fella Makafui dramatically deletes all Instagram posts, and Fans Are Freaking Out


It’s the start of a new week and, possibly, the start of a new era for Fella Makafui, who deleted all the posts off of her Instagram account. Some of her 2 million fans on the platform started noticing the number of her photos decreasing sometime Thursday. By Monday morning, her entire catalogue of thousands of posts was completely gone.

Fella Makafui isn’t the first celebrity to decide to clean her social media slate. In fact, that’s exactly what Sarkodie in the lead-up to the rollout of his ALPHA EP.

Clearing out Instagram accounts is often a signal that celebrities are getting ready to re-set the narrative of their careers and present a new image, which might be just what Fella Makafui is headed towards.

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One is that things have gone south for the Actress relationship with Medikal. This doesn’t quite track, however, Fella has blocked Medikal on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Some might say that this kind of stunt is a little tired. The reason why some stars might take such an extreme approach to social media is perfectly clear, deleting photos cost nothing, is relatively easy to do, and, if you’re a big enough celebrity, almost always gets people talking, which means that it’s free publicity for whatever project you’re trying to promote at the moment but it’s been done enough times that it’s fairly predictable.

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